How To Avoid Being Caught Being High

If you smoke marijuana but don’t want anyone to know then there are things to must learn to avoid being caught stoned. Personally i never cared if anyone knew i was high or not but i just don’t like pushing into others faces. A shame it may be but the world still has a negative outlook on marijuana smokers and being obnoxiously obvious about it can cause main situations that you do not want to deal with, probably because your high. So how DO I avoid being caught high you ask?

Red eyes are usually the thing that gets most people busted after they smoke marijuana. It happens because of the increase in blood pressure that happens when you smoke. If you smoke pot a lot your body seems to adjust to this increase heart rate and leap in blood pressure quickly and your eyes will stop getting red. But for those that don’t smoke that often he best solution is to wait it out, but if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands you can always use clear eyes. Only 2 drops and your eyes will turn whiter then Christmas snow.

Another way people get busted easily smoking the ganja is the scent it leaves on your clothes and body. It is said the the smell will fade from your clothing within five minutes but i find that to be the case only with low quality marijuana. There have been times that i smoked before i left for class which is nearly 30 minutes away and people still told me i STINK of weed. So to prevent this take precautionary measures and spray yourself down with some cologne or perfume if a lady. The bigger issue is the smell left on your fingers if you handled the weed yourself. The oil and ‘resin’ on the weed feels as thou is sinks into your sink and will leave a strong odor for much longer then the smoke would. So as soon as your get the chance wash your hands or apply lotion of some sort. This will help with the smell.

The worst way to get caught smoking weed is when you are in the middle of smoking it, because most time you don’t get to finish your l. Also there is no talking your way out of being caught with your L in your hand,well there was this one time but that’s a whole another story, so just avoid it happening. If it’s cool to smoke in your house just smoke at home, no point in risking imprisonment when it’s not needed. But if you still living at home with mom and dad or your wife don’t know you smoke there are other opinions. Firstly your car, i would recommend this second to your home only if your a good driver. If you are consistently making mistakes or getting pulled over do no smoke inside your car. Because the car is so small the smell often sinks into the seat cushions, carpets, visors, maybe even that fuzzy steering wheel cover you got for x-mas for all i know. And sense you are so packed in a tight spot with all the smoke it almost sinks into your nose and makes it so you can’t notice it, but as soon as the cops get to the window it’s over, Trust me on that. So if your are a bad driver skip to opinion three, smoke somewhere you can see them before they see you.  If you have a area around that you know you will be able to ditch the weed before the cops can see then smoke there, common sense people.

Don’t forget that after you smoke you are high. Alot of people will get stoned out of the universe and think that they can still hold a intellectual conversions without the other person noticing. This is possible but if the person is trying to tell if you are high they will probably notice.  Remain Focused and keep the conversation to a minimal with anyone your are trying to avoid detecting your wonderful mind-state.


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