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Clean your bong!

I know I just did, mine looked exactly the same! via reddit…

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5 Benefits of CBD For Mental Health

Large corporations in America believe hemp ingredients like CBD could be some of the largest gains, upwards of $16 billion,…

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This is one way to hotbox a room [vid]

Who needs tear gas when you have a weed cannon, just make sure to turn off the smoke alarms first…

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Zamnesia 2.0

2012 was the year “Gangnam style” took the world by storm, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica stopped printing their yearly additions…

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Nicest AirBNB Host Ever

A reddit user found this in their AirBNB. The future is here!…

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The Many Ways To Consume Cannabis

Cannabis really is starting to become more and more readily available. People are now looking at cannabis with clear eyes…

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A guide to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD

The non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) is known for its myriad of therapeutic properties, and particularly the anti-seizure effects that help to…

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Street Cannabis is Dangerous, Apparently

With marijuana being legal in Canada, there have been a lot of growing pains and warnings similar to this one…

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