Zamnesia 2.0

2012 was the year “Gangnam style” took the world by storm, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica stopped printing their yearly additions. It was also the last time the European smart shop giant, Zamnesia, updated their website. While some design choices are timeless, the team at Zamnesia have taken the years since to reflect on the website that has become a one-stop psychoactive supermarket.

A website refresh sounds all well and good, but why the fuss? It wouldn’t be right for Zamnesia to quietly modernise the site without giving something back to the customers that have kept the e-commerce business growing for all these years.

To celebrate the launch of their new and improved Zamnesia website, the company is holding an incredibly special event. Starting on the 14th of April, a 20% discount will be applied (per basket) for six days. Each day the exclusive offer will correspond with the relevant shop subsection.

Kicking off their monumental website upgrade will be a 20% off everything event in the Seedshop, before the Headshop, Vaporshop, CBDshop, Smartshop and Shroomshop all get their time in the limelight. If you are ready for a period of discounts never seen before, then Zamnesia 2.0 is a must visit from the 14th of April.

The benefits for customers don’t just extend to their industry-leading discounts, also several of the website’s ageing design features have been given a significant revamp. Upgraded usability will greatly improve the website experience on desktop and mobile, while all content, including their extensive grow guides, has been reformatted so that it’s easy to read and information is simple to find.

Last, but by no means least, their once classic design has also been given a new lease of life. Natural, pastel colours perfectly compliment the company’s focus on providing products derived directly from Mother Nature. With over 3000 products on offer, it is safe to say there is something to please even the fussiest psychonaut.

The period of unmatched discounts, friendly customer service, and refreshed website design just made Zamnesia a permanent addition to our bookmark bar.

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