The Many Ways To Consume Cannabis

Cannabis really is starting to become more and more readily available. People are now looking at cannabis with clear eyes and reports show that more and more citizens are actually approving of recreational use of cannabis. Ever since cannabis has been around people have been coming up with more and more unique ways to consume the substance. In fact, consumption is the second most important consideration, just right after the bud itself. Many sometimes overlook the delivery method as most people just limit their experimentation to only one or two methods. Well, if you want to step outside your comfort zone and experience cannabis in a whole new light, you sure consider trying some of the following methods of consumption.

Hand Pipes

The ancient custom of consumption is without a doubt smoking cannabis. People have been smoking cannabis ever since it was discovered. However, there are many different ways that one can smoke the substance. Hand pipes are probably the most common smoking devices in circulation today because they are convenient and conceal the smell more than a burning joint. These pipes are extremely portable and even more convenient. You don’t have to worry about screens and they come available in a variety of creative and artistic designs.

Water Pipes

Water pipes can come in several different variations, including but not limited to bongs and bubblers. These pipes also come in a variety of different styles and designs, but they are not nearly as portable or concealable. They also increase in their sophistication, as they require the use of water or some other kind of liquid. Some users like to add Kool-Aid or other flavored liquids to spice up their daily toking habits. There have been many health debates over whether these pipes offer a healthier alternative as maybe people say that the water or liquid acts as a filtering device.


Vaporizers are probably the newest means of smoking cannabis. If you are already a pothead there is a good chance that you know what a vaporizer is. In fact, these devices have grown extremely probably over the last few years. People use these devices to smoke everything from CBD oil to e-liquid. Vaporizers are certainly a logical option for anyone that is health conscious because they steadily heat the bud to a temperature that is high enough to extract the THC and other cannabinoids, but the temperatures are too low to release the potentially harmful toxins. This also provides a reduction in odor, which is usually the dead give away. The only downside to these devices is that they are quite sophisticated and take some getting used to. To discover more about vaporizers you can visit CannaVapos.

Rolling Papers

Rolling joints is without a doubt the old form of smoking cannabis. However, it should be noted that joint paper composition has changed quite a bit over the years. People are now using cigar papers and other compositions to smoke cannabis. In today’s pot-filled world you can find compositions available in everything from hemp to bamboo and even rice papers. Blunt papers also come available in a variety of unique flavors like blueberry or cherry. The only bad thing about blunt papers is that they are made from a tobacco plant, which means they are going to contain traces of nicotine. This is something that most blunt smokers prefer, whereas the health conscious individual will want to stray away from this method of consumption.

Homemade Devices

Homemade devices allow for creativity and uniqueness. The most common type of homemade device is probably the homemade pipe or water bong due to the simplicity. However, there are some real aficionados out there that make homemade smoking devices out of everything from apples to exhaust pipes. Just keep in mind that the health effects associated with this method if consumption can vary depending on the material and the method used during assembly.


Tinctures are somewhat new to the market and they really offer many benefits as opposed to the methods mentioned above. They are extremely fast acting and really allow you to control your dosage. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the unwanted side effects that are usually associated with smoking. THC and other cannabinoids are extracted from the plant and infused with some kind of liquid solvents like alcohol, vinegar, or glycerol to create an oil based or liquid substance. Usually dropping three or four drops under your tongue and five minutes later you will be reaping the benefits.

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