The Best Methods of Using Weed

In today’s medically and recreationally legal world of cannabis, we’ve been absolutely blessed with gadgets and gizmos galore as opposed to the olden days of bamboo “bongs” and tin can hand pipes, am I right?! Now our awesome cannabis community gets to enjoy bodacious bongs, concentrate contraptions and vivacious vaporizers fit for every walk of life and their respective budgets, of course. So now mainstream marijuana use and availability definitely begs the question, what is the best way to consume our dear cannabis?

Let’s start by enumerating some of the cool ways we may smoke, toke, or choke on our beloved and healing weed:

Smoking It

Easily the most common and one of the first methods associated with getting our ganja fix on, smoking on anything from cigarette paper rolled joints to pipes made out of fruits to dorm room concocted gravity bongs created out of discarded plastic soda bottles. We know that smoking our weed is a surefire way of getting litty litty saddity, quickly and effectively. Awesome glass bongs with percs and ice catchers like the ones made by KING’s Pipe Glass, also prove to be almost essential when smoking, adding comfort and smoothness with each rip.

The only downside is the fact that it’s pretty hard to be discreet when weed’s odor is so “loud” to begin with and smoke is also a hard aroma to hide or get rid of.

A quick fix would be to use a nifty little air filter such as a Smokebuddy, Smoke Ghost, or Spoofy. Designed to instantly prevent your smoke from spreading in a certain area, even in smaller closed spaces like a bedroom.

Dabbing It

With the surge of cannabis legalization came the birth of dabs. Wax, shatter, live resin, and crumble are extracted and processed into concentrated forms of weed and a little tiny “dab” of such, goes a looong way. But along with limiting the amount you have to smoke to get to the level of lit-ness you’re gunning for, comes the added task of learning how to use a bong in an entirely new light. Smaller water pipes called oil rigs come equipped with a nail to be heated with a butane torch, once cooled we place a small dab of wax onto the nail and cover the opening with a carb cap to be able to inhale that tasty vapor.

The only downside would be that some methods of concentrate extraction involve chemical solvents or butane hash oil that we also ingest while dabbing.

A quick fix would be to opt for naturally extracted dabs like fresh pressed rosin or H20 extracted concentrates such as bubble hash.

Eating It

Magic brownies and space cakes are nothing new in the weed world, but today’s innovative cannabis entrepreneurs have come up with entire product lines of pot pastries and ganja goodies that are sure to get our cottonmouths salivating with anticipation! Now we can choose from gummies, chips, jerky, juices, and many MANY more terpy treats as an alternative to the harshness of smoking or lung constricting feeling from taking huge dabs.

The only downside is that not everyone’s digestive system works the same way,meaning what is extremely potent for some, could take too long to take effect or very well feel like nothing for another.

A quick fix would be a trial and error run with various brands and edibles. We know from personal experience that not all cannabis consumables are created equal and what once seemed like a totally unaffected individual, had been proven wrong with the help of a strong ass Korova cookie and even a little nibble of a Moon Bar! Find what works with you and your body chemistry and you’ll be a-ok.

Vaping It

Probably one of the best innovations when it comes to smoking devices, has been the evolution of herbal vaporizers and the plethora of styles, functions and features now available on the market for us to enjoy. Vaping weed has allowed us to be discreet in certain areas or during occasions where we’d like to stay on the down-low, while also providing a more convenient and less harsh way of medicating. Everything from pen vapes, portables, to larger scale desktop vapes can be bought at all price ranges and are sure to only keep upgrading as they progress.

The only downside would likely be towards convection vapes for dry herbs as they seem to take much much more cannabis in order to be fully felt by the vapor, as opposed to the same amount simply smoked and felt instantaneously.

A quick fix would be to try a combustion vape for dry herbs or simply a wax vape instead, only a few tokes to reach optimum high for a handy hit whenever needed.

Dropping It

Sublingual drops via tinctures which are usually oil or alcohol based concoctions that go straight for your bloodstream, are also an option now. Cannabis tinctures are a great smokeless alternative as the high lasts longer and enables you to medicate anywhere. Ingesting tinctures via a dropper also permits proper low dosing measurements for those still trying to gauge their consumption.

The only downside is that it might be a little hard to determine when the psychoactive effects will be felt for each user.

A quick fix would be to regulate the time and amount you will be medicating, to further ascertain your system’s reaction to your tincture.

Inserting It

Hey, don’t knock it till you try it! Medical marijuana patients come in all shapes and forms and for those in the geriatric category, perhaps suppositories are a more viable option for their specific needs, such as those suffering from the incredibly painful Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Inserting a cannabis suppository, commonly made with just coconut oil and water extracted marijuana liquid, allows for instant pain relief in that specific area while still alleviating the mental stress that is accrued from old age and sickness.

The only downside would probably be slight discomfort upon insertion or perhaps some slight leaking while already inside.

A quick fix would be to wear an adult diaper or sanitary napkin of sorts when medicating, to catch any spills or leakage from the suppository.

Spreading It

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis does just as good on the outside as it does for our insides! Lotions, creams, balms, oils and topicals infused with marijuana usually have a high concentration of cannabidiol, cannabichromene, cannabigerol, tetrahydrocannabinol, and cannabinol which are 5 amazing cannabinoids that aid in pain relief, inflammation, rashes, wrinkles, burns, and even adds sexual pleasure or stops bacterial skin infections from spreading! Not many know that cannabis is also a powerful natural antioxidant that can help your skin in so many ways!

The only downside is that it might take awhile for you to find the right brand and type of topical that will work the best on you.

A quick fix would be to research the products you’re eyeing before purchasing, and read through reviews for similar issues with others. This could eliminate wasting money buying too many products that don’t suit your needs.  

Patching It

Having been only recently developed, transdermal cannabis patches were developed mainly for localized pain relief caused by some conditions such as diabetic nerve damage or even fibromyalgia. These patches alleviate chronic pain relief by consistently depositing the cannabis in the respective problem areas in a discreet and non psychoactive manner.

The only downside would be that for intense pain, this method does not work instantly upon contact, it may take a little more time than one would want to wait if in severe agony already.

A quick fix would be to perhaps have a backup handy, such as a pen vape or the likes, for occasions where time is of the essence and the pain is just too much to handle.

Soaking In It

Of course with the popularity of bath bombs and Instagram videos of their fizzy cuteness, it wasn’t long until our dear cannabis community thought to incorporate weed into their wet daydreams lol Many bath bombs made with THC and CBD have provided amazing pain relief for sore muscles, ultimate therapeutic relaxation, and a vital element in one’s impeccable skin care regimen. After all, marijuana is nature made like much of our other favorite skin care ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera, honey, castor oil, avocados, and so many more!

The only downside might be that we would expect to feel a little lifted while soaking our entire beings in a bathtub full of cannabinoids, but alas, bath soaks are non psychoactive and are mainly for pain, inflammation, & skin issues.

A quick fix would be to toke while you soak, baby yeahhhh!  

So there you have it folks, there is absolutely no right or wrong way to partake in this sweet skunky plant, so long as it gets the job done for your particular situation. We just hope this informative little guide has opened you up to the endless possibilities of responsibly enjoying cannabis for the wonderful benefits it truly provides!

By: Hennessy C.

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