So high right now from this recipe – THC Pills

THC Pills – The really easy way.

You need:

  • Some high quality ground cheeba, I used approximately 2 grams of some diesel and put it through my grinder, then stuck it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then went through it in a bowl with my fingers to really powderize it.
  • A pot or frying pan
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Pill capsules (this is found at a natural food market, in the bulk foods section I used OO size, which is big, but perfect for your weed pills,or you could always find some old vitamins and use those capsules)

The procedure is easy:

Grind up your weed into a poweder, putting it in the freezer makes it brittle and easy to turn to dust.

Now put your pot or frying pan on the stove at low-medium heat.

Add about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and let warm up for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Then add your finely ground bud

You want it to be a sludgy, pasty consistency, to get this consistency I has to add 1.5 more tablespoons, thus using a total of 3.5 on my 2 grams of bud.

Mix the bud and the oil together in the pot by using a spoon to mash.

Try to keep you weed oil in one corner of the pot, and constantly mash together.

I cooked until the weed was fully brown, taking the pot away from the flame if the mixture started to crackle or  bubble for too long, i would say I cooked for about 6 or 7 minuted total.

Then put your pot or pan in the freezer, the oil with tons of brown weed particles in it will turn into a thick sludgy jelly which isn’t that hard to get into capsules. They should look blackish brown.

Eat and enjoy!

With 2 grams and 3.5 tablespoons of veg oil I made 12 large pills, popped one a couple hours ago and the chronic nausea i suffer from is completely gone, and I have a nice little body buzz, if I were trying to get baked off my ass 2 or 3 pills would be perfect.

Although, remember to always keep one rolled 🙂

– Kush

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