Soldiers Caught Breaking Into Dispensary

Three active duty soldiers stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado are being held on $10,000 bond while facing second degree burglary charges for breaking into Rocky Road Remedies – a medical cannabis dispensary located in Colorado Springs. The soldiers broke in around 2 a.m. by smashing a lock on the establishment’s back door.

Unfortunately for the suspects, police officers happened to be right next door responding to an unrelated call. While the soldiers attempted to go out the way they came in, they realized the back door was jammed. When they tried to use the front door, they realized it was reenforced with iron bars. In short, they were trapped inside the dispensary.

Soon enough police noticed the soldier/burglars and placed them under arrest.

According to the owner of Rock Road Remedies, “It’s definitely humorous because in the videotape you see them running back and forth, back and forth, kind of realizing that they’re trapped and they are going to get caught.”

To make matters even worse, the pot and cash were locked away in a safe, so even if the soldier/burglars weren’t reenacting a Three Stooges routine, it is unlikely they would have made off with anything valuable.


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