Prince of Pot transferred to Georgia

Vancouver’s Prince of Pot Marc Emery has been transferred to a low-security federal prison in Georgia for non-U.S. “deportable aliens.”

Emery, who had expected to be transferred to a California facility, is now at the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, Ga.

The facility, which had been a state prison known for violent incidents among inmates, was changed in October to an Immigration & Naturalization Services low-security federal prison for “deportable aliens,” according to a blog entry by Emery.

In the entry, addressed to his wife Jodie on the Cannabis Culture website, Emery said the move was made to “send me as far away from you as possible.”

Jodie said Sunday that Emery is doing all right and “trying to keep his spirits up” as he continues to apply for a transfer to serve his time in Canada.

Emery, 52, was sentenced by a U.S. judge to five years in prison for selling marijuana seeds to U.S. customers through his business, Marc Emery Direct.

Emery has been a political activist for three decades.

Norman Grant Smith, a marijuana activist, is urging Emery’s supporters to write to the federal public safety minister to petition for his immediate transfer to Canada.


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