How To Roll A Proper Blunt

Are you getting sick of trying to put gram after gram into tiny coners? Well here’s the solution, a fat blunt. Courtesy of the fine people at Dutch Master and my friend OG Kush.

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– First, lick it, get that dutch disgusting with spit.

– Next, unwrap your dutch: the easiest way is to trace the edges of the leaf up the blunt and find where it all twists together by the mouthpiece and unravel starting from there.

– Hand the wrap to yo’ girl, she needs to keep it moist while you finish gutting and rolling this blunt.

– Then, you split that shit. I would advise first time blunt rollers to just make a cut down the middle of the blunt with a knife or a razor blade, but eventually everyone must learn to split the blunt. Just use your two thumbs (with your index fingers behind) and apply pressure with both of your thumbs all the way down the blunt, you’ll here a cracking sound if you did it right.

– Don’t split it all the way though, when you get the greyish “cancer paper” just stop.

– Now, peal away the wrap, leaving the gray mouthpiece and the guts in tact. Throw that shit away and keep the wrap.

– Put AT LEAST a half a gram in, anything less than that is just pitiful, blunts don’t need to be huge, its just not worth it when you mainly smoking tobacco leaf. I usually put about a gram or two in. The largest I’ve ever smoked was probably around a quarter ounce.

– From this point on, its all about the tuck and roll. First roll the leaf back and forth to gather the weed in a cylindrical shape. Use your thumbs and index fingers. You want to get the end of the wrap closest to you nice and tucked into the bud before you roll up the rest of the blunt. Once I get it tucked I sometimes finish rolling on a table using all my fingers, like one would role an actual cigar.

– Then place your blunt on top of the unraveled leaf and wrap up tightly.

– Then, roast it up. Make sure its nice and dry and crispy, but not too crispy. If you hold the lighter to close for too long then it will burn (no shit!).

You are now ready to blaze that shit UP!

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