Pot Ice Cream at High Scream

Pot ice cream? Sounds like a stoner’s dream, doesn’t it? In California, those with a legal medical marijuana card can go to High Scream and get marijuana-infused ice cream. It’s widely known that not only can weed be smoked or inhaled, it can also be infused into food.

Brownies, muffins, and breads are all common foods used with the drug. However, it’s not just “baked” goods anymore – the new hot item is actually quite cold – ice cream.

Boasting flavors with Ben and Jerry’s sounding names like Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and TRIPle Chocolate Brownie (and more on the way) this ice cream will not only taste fab and leave you satisfied, it also makes the person eating it feel better.

You have to admit – a lot of creative things come out of California. Sadly, not everyone can try the legal medical marijuana ice cream. You have to have a doctor’s orders!

The cost is $15 for a half pint, which contains 2 to 4 doses of pot.

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