Feds Seize Marijuana Concealed in Tombstone

When airport border guards in Cincinnati took a closer look at the tombstone for “Delroy Senior” last week, they found it offered more than kind words for the dearly departed.

More than 50 pounds of marijuana was packed inside the hollowed-out grave marker.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers say the discovery at the Cincinnati DHL express consignment operation is a first for Cincinnati, where they’ve found drugs packed into all sorts of objects but never one quite like this.

Customs spokesman Brian Bell said officers tagged the shipment as suspicious because they couldn’t figure out why anyone would send a tombstone from Jamaica to England, where one could be purchased without the cost of shipping it across the Atlantic. The shipment was on a connecting flight through the Cincinnati/Northern International Airport.

The officers discovered the tombstone was a concrete shell when they X-rayed it, and a drug-sniffing dog alerted when it got close to the stone.

Bell said efforts to find the stone’s sender – or the intended receiver – have failed because everyone involved used fake names and addresses.

“Everything came up as a dead end,” Bell said.

Article via Cincinnati.

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