Share Your Bud: BudReviews Top 3 Strains

Our friends at BudReviews and NugShots have sent us 3 of their favorite strains, with some very mouthwatering pictures. Continue reading for the full images with reviews.

Thanks guys! For anyone else, feel free to share anything of interest to or by using our ‘Contact‘ page. We may post it up!

1. ’91 Chemdawg

This ’91 Chemdawg from Organic Experience is 100% organically grown. It smells like a minty kush and tastes refreshing in a similar way. Once you hit it, it quickly energizes your mind but takes away your worries. I would recommend it for use during the day unless sleep is of no concern. Just be careful how much you use!

2. Black Domina

Black Domina from California Sun Collective is a pure indica. It has a predominantly fruity smell but a spicy taste. As for its pure indica effects, it begins with a short but powerful head rush that quickly stones your body. It is a great strain for taking the edge off your day and relaxing any aching muscles.

3. Purple Kush

Purple Kush from Grand Organics Cooperative is a beauty! Take note, being a cooperative, the grower of this strain is a fellow patient from Grand Organics. The smell is floral and sweet with a matching taste. Once smoked, you will feel euphoria and you won’t fall asleep because of it (although you could if you wanted to).

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