Jodie Emery Condemns Conservative Spokesman Kory Teneycke for Prison Rape Comments

The wife of Canadian cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party Leader Marc Emery expressed disgust and shock upon finding Twitter comments from Prime Minister Harper’s ex-communications director Kory Teneycke implying her husband should be raped in US prison.

The first post, made on May 11th (the day after Justice Minister Rob Nicholson ordered Emery extradited to the US) reads: “Bon Voyage, Marc Emery. May your vacation at Club Fed be a lengthy one.”

The next one, which was re-published in the June 14th Canadian Press article “Tory insiders and behind-scenes lobbying pave path to new ‘Fox North’ launch”, was posted on May 14th and reads: “To the pot heads who keep sending me crazy, profane emails: I hope Marc Emery enjoys group showers as much as he enjoys pot. Three cheers for the DEA.”

Jodie Emery condemns these comments as grossly inappropriate and offensive.

“My husband has never hurt another human being, yet our Prime Minister’s ex-communications director openly hopes for Marc to be physically harmed while in US prison,” she said. “It’s a common perception that prison rape happens in ‘group showers’, so this suggestion that Marc should enjoy being subjected to sexual abuse and humiliation is absolutely disgusting and offensive, and should be condemned by any decent, civilized person. Teneycke should apologize to me and Marc for this horrendously cruel comment.”

Written by CANNABIS CULTURE. Read more on their site.

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