Cannabis Coin

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Benin – World’s 1st Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) Coin – The coin just issued by authority of the Government of the West African Republic of Benin is bound to create quite a stir among collectors and non-collectors alike. As the first in a series of “Famous Plants of the World”, the 100 Central African Franc denominated Legal Tender coin features Cannabis Sativa, colloquially known as Marijuana, Pot, Mary Jane, Weed, Grass, etc. The coin has been struck from a 27 gram copper-nickel planchet, 38.61 millimeters in diameter that is subsequently silver-plated.

The reverse features a bright green Cannabis Sativa leaf that when rubbed (HORRORS!!!!), and releases the distinct aroma of Marijuana, although I have been assured that the aroma comes from a synthetic additive and not from the plant itself. This process can be repeated approximately forty times before the smell disappears. Total mintage for this coin is limited to 2,500 pieces and if early indications are correct, this coin is destined to become an instant classic, appealing to both coin collectors as well multitudes of flower children and rock band followers from the sixties and seventies.


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