Baby Smokes the Bong [pic]

This picture is full of awesome. Although it would be very stupid to ACTUALLY let your baby smoke, but wouldn’t you want a picture like this? Wait until they are adults, and if they happen to be a stoner just give them the picture.

Hats off to the Florida mother who posted a picture of her baby “smoking” out of a bong on Facebook.

Not only has she managed to outrage mothers all over the world, she has also gotten the attention of the Florida Department of Children and Families who have in turn launched an investigation into her parenting skills – or lack thereof – reports Sky News.

The 19-year-old mother from Keystone Heights, northwest of Gainesville, is defending the photo. She claims it was taken as a joke and posted on Facebook so that she could show one of her friends.

Can’t we realize that Facebook isn’t private?

If drugs were used by or found near the baby, she could face serious charges, including losing her 11-month-old son to the state of Florida.

It’s obviously a joke, you see many pictures of babies with beer bottles or cigarettes, but a bong suddenly results in a police investigation? I’m sure the first two would cause more harm.

Read more at CBS.

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