Activist Assaulted by Police at ‘Free Marc’ Protest [video]

Written by CANNABIS CULTURE – A “Free Marc” campaign organizer was arrested Thursday, June 10th at the Niagara Falls office of Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in what activists are calling “assault and police intimidation.”

Jacob Hunter, Policy Director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation and organizer of recent Conservative MP office occupation protests, was accosted by a police officer while attempting to walk through the front door of the Member of Parliament’s constituency office in Ontario. Hunter was there as part of a continuing series of protests being held at the offices of Conservative Members of Parliament by supporters of Marc Emery, and was joined by a group of activists including Jodie Emery.

Hunter was reportedly arrested for “assaulting a police officer”. Activists said another individual was also arrested at the scene.

Several other activists gathered around Hunter as officers prepared to put him in a police vehicle. Activist Eric Compton attempted to use the “hug power” technique by wrapping his arms around Hunter, but police aggressively grabbed him and slammed him on the hood of one of their cars.”

Shocking video after the break. Read more at Cannabis Culture

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