Stoner Sites of the Day [May 16th]

This is our first edition of “Stoner Sites of the Day”. Stay tuned for more interesting news articles, videos, websites, and anything else we consider ‘stoner-worthy’.

Trouble Sleeping? Maybe it’s your Computer. More than ever, consumer electronics — particularly laptops & smartphones are shining bright light into our eyes until just moments before we doze off. Now there’s growing concern that these glowing gadgets may actually fool our brains. I personally love this program called F.lux (for Windows, Mac, and Linux).
Plummeting Marijuana Prices Create A Panic In California. “Legal pot, under the guise of the California’s medical marijuana laws, has spurred a rush of new competition. As a result, the wholesale price of pot grown in these areas is plunging.”
Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery. Supporters of imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery will show their support in cities around the world on SATURDAY MAY 22, 2010 in the Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery.
Grasscity. One of my favorite websites is Grasscity. They have a online headshop with a great selection of all sorts of products. Although my favorite part of the site is their community. Be sure to check out the forums if you want a place to discuss topics ranging from smoking and growing weed; to entertainment and music. That’s all the links for today! Enjoy.

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