Willie Nelson Band Faces Drug and Alcohol Charges

Six Willie Nelson band members are being faced with charges for illegal possession of marijuana and moonshine for an incident at a Kenansville show last January, reports the AP.

District Attorney Dewey Hudson states that the musicians “are not above the law,” and that the massive amount of fans asking for the band to be given a free pass are in vain.

While Hudson says that he must uphold the law, he personally would consider the legalization of marijuana, reports Lindell Kay of ENC Today.

“A lot of experts believe alcohol does much more damage to individuals and society, and it is legal,” he said Friday. “I can see it both ways and understand the arguments.”

Charges against guitarist Dan Spears and five others are still pending, said Hudson at a Friday press conference. The substances have not been verified as marijuana as of yet, though the alcohol was most definitely non-tax-paid and home-made.

The ALE bust occurred Jan. 28 outside of the Duplin County Events Center in the musicians’ bus. Nelson himself had not been there and canceled the show, claiming according to Kay, that his “hand was hurting.” Disappointed fans suspect this was a fabrication and really due to the investigation of the band.

The six band members are scheduled to appear in court April 21.

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