NORML Ad: High in Times Square

In a followup to our previous post. NORML’s famous “Money Tree” ad is currently running 18 times a day in New York’s Times Square in the Super Screen located below the CBS eye across the street from Ripley’s Believe it or Not. From 9 am to 1 am, the 15-second spot flashes once an hour.

NORML ad Times  Sqaure

Danny Danko, Steve Bloom, Rick Cusick and Chris Goldstein If you want to see it live, be patient; the ad might not appear at the scheduled time, as a group of marijuana activists discovered during their visit to 42 St. on Friday. High Times’ Danny Danko and Rick Cusick, Philly NORML’s Chris Goldstein and CelebStoner’s Steve Bloom arrived at 4 pm, hoping to catch the 4:07 viewing. However, it took another 41 minutes for the ad to appear.  Video after the jump.“Seeing the NORML ad on the screen was one of the most exciting media moments for marijuana this year,” says Goldstein, who drove up from Philadelphia. “It was wild to see it in rotation with the Army, all the CBS programming and Katie Couric. This shows how important marijuana and NORML are to the culture right now.”

The ad is supposed to screen at the following times: (AM) 12:11. 6:11, 9:10, 10:10, 11:09; (PM) 12:09, 1:08, 2:08, 3:07, 4:07, 5:06, 6:06, 7:29, 8:28, 9:28, 10:27, 11:27. It runs through May.


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