Let’s Tell The Truth About Marijuana

“A weed is a flower, too, once you get to know it.” ~ Eeyore from “Winnie The Pooh”

What would happen if, starting April 20, we all resolve not to settle for myths, lies, and superstitions anymore when it comes to the most popular illegal plant in the world?

After 72 years of the debate being controlled by those who’ve made it taboo to even talk honestly on the subject, it’s time to tell the truth about marijuana.

At the moment, the deck remains stacked, of course, in favor of cannabis prohibition. The reason? Folks who know that marijuana should be legal are too often too intimidated to say so — because speaking cannabis truth has sometimes carries a heavy price.

For years, a few brave medical doctors such as Lester Grinspoon of Harvard have been voices in the wilderness of marijuana prohibition. Their repeated calls for an open and honest debate on the subject have largely fallen on deaf ears.

Until now, when it comes to marijuana, those who know won’t say, and those who say don’t know.

To depart from official, ONDCP-backed orthodoxy about pot has been to risk expulsion from polite society, to risk the scorn of peers, to risk being branded as a slack-jawed pothead incapable of forming a coherent sentence.

Speaking honestly about cannabis has been to risk of not being taken seriously, to invite ridicule and stoner stereotypes, to risk dismissal from our jobs, to take a chance even on losing our families and having our homes taken from us — and to risk legal consequences including arrest and lengthy incarceration.

Why are the anti-pot forces so scared of an open discussion? If the facts are on their side, why must anti-marijuana zealots try to shut down the debate?

If health is the issue, why aren’t the extensive scientific studies considered relevant? If crime is the issue, then why can’t we at least discuss alternatives to the failed criminal model?

But What About The Children?

If kids are the issue, then why can’t we (novel idea) just be honest with them about the effects, drawbacks, and rewards of marijuana use?

Ah, “the kids.” Seems they are mentioned every time the legalization of marijuana is mentioned — as in, “What kind of message will that send the kids?”

Well, how about sending them the message that it’s now OK to be honest about drugs?

How about being honest enough about marijuana so that the warnings against using harder drugs — much more dangerous substances like meth, cocaine and heroin — will be taken seriously, rather than being dismissed as just more hysterical propaganda… You know, propaganda like what we’ve been telling them for seven decades about pot?

If we expect young people to take us seriously, we have to tell them the truth. When we tell them ridiculous things about marijuana, they’re not going to be listening when we try to tell about the true dangers of other drugs.

It’s A Done Deal

People have grown tired of the official lies about marijuana.

The public mood is rapidly reaching a critical mass where folks will no longer be willing to be led unthinkingly down the primrose path of prohibition.

The cannabis cat is out of the bag. Too many people know the truth about marijuana for the ganja genie to be stuffed back into the bottle.

It’s time for truth and reconciliation, and if you’re a pot prisoner or a medical marijuana patient or a righteous caregiver or a recreational smoker, the truth will set you free.

Let’s tell the truth about marijuana.

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