Canada Government Provides Pot For Low-Income Woman

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for marijuana-bud.jpgYou read that right. And we suspect that even some of you conservatives are whispering to yourselves, “Holy Obama-care, I should have supported the health-care bill.” Unfortunately, the Big Brother chronic in question is not USDA-grade, but rather Canadian.

The patient, Sally Campbell, 61, won a Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling that forces a local Community Services Department to pay for her medical marijuana, according to the Chronicle Herald. (Could you imagine the pandemonium in L.A. if Uncle Sam covered medical-grade pot?).

Canada has a taxpayer subsidized health-care system that provides medical services and prescriptions for free or at very low costs. Although she was prescribed medical marijuana, Campbell was denied the drug by the department.

The ruling would make Nova Scotia the first Canadian province to cover medical marijuana for residents, like Campbell, who are on government-provided “social assistance.”

Campbell said it was “embarrassing” for her to have to go through this process to get her medical pot, but that “”I’m really glad it’s over.” We suspect that first toke of victory will go straight to her dome.


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