Global Marijuana March 2010

Four Twenty is behind us, and it’s time to take the momentum of awareness we received on that day and push forward. As most of you know, The Worldwide – or Global – Marijuana March is happening on May 1st. According to The Worldwide Marijuana March website, 300 cities have signed up to participate on 6 continents. Be sure to check the site to find the city closest to you.

Marijuana websites all over the world got crushed with traffic on 4/20/10, and news services everywhere ran stories about the stoner holiday. But we cannot rest for one minute. Every day, people’s lives are ruined by jail time or an inability to get their medicine.

These people count on us – the marijuana activists – to get their message out to the masses.not just on special days, but every day. Yet the mainstream media coverage we get on days like 4-20 and 5-1 cannot be discounted; it is on those days that we reach the most people with the plight of those who cannot fight this battle alone.

It is on those days that we must yell the loudest.

Our event page on Facebook is located here.

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