Drunk Stoner Ends Police Chase at His Own Grow House

When you’re running from police because they suspect you are drunk driving (because you are), where’s the best place to run and hide? In your marijuana grow house, of course.

Charles Byrd thought it was a great idea, but that was probably only because he was drunk, and running from the cops and needed somewhere to hide.

Timothy Donahue thought it was a terrible idea. He was also found hiding at the grow house after Byrd led the police there. We’re going to assume the men are no longer friends.

They were both arrested and charged for possession with intent to sell. Cops hauled away 69 pot plants and some processed pot with a total street value of $327,000. Byrd was also charged with DUI, driving with an expired tag and no headlights after dark, making an improper turn, and not having his license with him while driving. Way to play it safe, dude.


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