That’s a lot of ganja! 34,000 lbs in fact. Mexico marijuana bust: Millions of dollars worth of pot seized

TIJUANA — A trailer that presumably transported cookies was apprehended with more than 34,000 pounds of marijuana at a Mexicali checkpoint, the Mexican Army said Tuesday.

“With this seizure we prevented the illicit marketing of more than 7 million of marihuana doses,” Alfonso Duarte-Mujica, commander of Baja’s Military Zone, said of the seizure that took place Sunday night.

The Army estimated the street value of the pot to organized crime at about 231 million pesos (U.S. $18 million).

The Mexican Army also confiscated the trailer and arrested the driver. He was identified as Mario Lopez Castro, 34. Lopez told  Mexican authorities he was going to collect 50,000 pesos (U.S. $4,000) by delivering the truck from Mexicali to Ensenada.

The trailer, with no commercial signs, was detected at the El Chinerito checkpoint located on Federal Highway 3, between San Felipe and Ensenada. Inside the trailer, the weed was found in 1,435 brown packages behind cookie boxes.

Duarte-Mujica said that the pot was supposed to be delivered in Ensenada, but it  is uncertain if the final destination was Tijuana by road or San Diego over seas.

Tania Navarro is SDNN’s Tijuana correspondent.

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