South Dakota Voters Could Legalize Medical Marijuana

Tuesday, thousands of signatures were submitted to South Dakota officials which could bring the issue of legalizing medical marijuana to a public vote in November. The South Dakota Coalition for Compassion turned in more than enough petitions to put the issue on the ballot. They’ve been collecting the petitions for over a year now with a door to door search for signatures as well as other methods.

Patrick Lynch is in support of legalizing medical marijuana and suffers from M.S., which can be treated by medical marijuana. His mother and sister also have M.S. and he’s hoping the issue is on the ballot and passes. “The pros far out weigh the cons on the medical marijuana issue to where if people really truly understood it they would be more receptive of it”

There were around 32,000 signatures collected which is almost twice when compared to what’s needed. The validation will be done by state officials with random sampling and if enough signatures are valid it will be on the November Ballot in South Dakota.

Darcy Jensen works with people dealing with drug addictions. She thinks that South Dakota would end up like other states when it comes to this issue and struggle to control is. She’s also worried about other issues that come with smoking marijuana. “When we have a pill we can take and know exactly how much we’d be getting, why would we get smoking something when how people inhale it how much they put in the joint, what was the quality of it, we can’t measure those things.”


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