Legalize Marijuana in Canada (and everywhere else)

Marijuana needs to be legalized soon; Canada’s prohibition is causing too many problems to be the right choice in our country.  We need to regulate and control the production and sales of marijuana. It will create a safer community and get rid of the black market. There are so many medicinal benefits of the drug and it would be insane to keep it illegal for any time longer. It’s time for a change.

A regulated market for the production and consumption of marijuana would reduce crime tremendously and give people a safer way to buy what they already do. All the drug dealers would be put out of business, and the jails would empty out. Millions of people smoke marijuana in Canada and the number is rising. Prohibition has failed for over seventy-five years, and it’s not a method we should be using. Marijuana is the largest cash crop in North America, and it’s being grown and used all over the world. Not only would it be safer to buy marijuana from a store or something similar, but it would also reduce the amount of money going to gangs, and anyone else involved in the illegal drug trade. Also, we would know exactly what is in our marijuana, whereas the black market there can be many harmful things added to it, such as glass particles, harmful chemicals, and other drugs. We have to try our very hardest to tax and regulate marijuana, for the many benefits it will bring to our country.

Prisons all over the US and Canada are filled with offenders who have been charged with something to do with marijuana; be it trafficking, possession, or cultivation. The sad part is that marijuana smokers are some of the nicest people around. Sure, many of these people are probably gang members and criminals as well, but the majority of these offenders haven’t even harmed a bug. The result of all these arrests is very expensive to our countries. The tax payers would have to pay a lot less, because the money we can make on taxing marijuana could double the amount the government makes. Not only will the jails be emptier, but we wouldn’t need to pay taxes to jail all the marijuana offenders. It’s a victimless crime, and we shouldn’t be putting people away for it.

Marijuana is a totally harmless drug, and there are so many medicinal benefits to it. Compared to alcohol and tobacco, marijuana isn’t even on the chart. Alcohol and tobacco have millions of deaths around the world each year, and the number of deaths resulting from marijuana is zero. Seems pretty strange such a harmless drug is illegal when two legal drugs are killing people all over the world. Now keep in mind, smoking anything is bad for your health, but there are a few alternatives to avoid smoking. You could ether vaporize, or cook the marijuana in to your food. Now people like to smoke marijuana to relax or for fun, but many people are consuming marijuana for their health. The THC can cure many health issues including, but not limited to; cancer, nausea, vomiting, stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy patients, and pain in many sorts of diseases. The pure THC oil created from a weed plant is almost a super cure for anything, but there are a few reasons you don’t see or hear about it. First of all it’s still illegal to produce, unless you have a medicinal license to grow marijuana and make it yourself. And one of the craziest things is that medical companies won’t produce it. The reason for that is the fact you can’t patent a plant. So technically you can’t make any money off it, so they chose to use dangerous harmful drugs instead. Marijuana needs to be legalized, not just for the recreational uses many people like, but for the many medicinal attributes it has.

Marijuana laws are in dire need of a revision. Canadians need to do speak out, protest, and get the country thinking. The money that the regulation of marijuana could bring in, could supply more police, better health care, new safer medicinal drugs, and free up our prisons. Marijuana needs to be legalized soon, because this prohibition is harmful for our country and the people in it.

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