Dr.grEEn’s Grow Diary

Hello all, About a week ago I decided to take up growing as a hobby. This is an archive of my experiences in chronic’ological order. Enjoy.

Day 1-3 – Germination period

I decided to use the “seeds-in-wet-cloth” approach and after a couple days of absorbing moisture  my seeds pop’d open beautifully.

Week 1

After deciding to go with growing organic and using the limited materials I have, I crafted myself a functioning pot (glass jar), a lamp w/ a cfl bulb, and a combination 2in1 fan/heater.
The wattage on my bulb is definitely not going to suffice but in my uneducated opinion it’s better than the dim light us Canadians get in the winter months. After an hour or so my grow space was as complete as it would get at this date.

As the next couple days went by I continually checked, rotated, and watered my little seedlings and day by day new growth was slowly beginning to appear. Here’s a picture of my newly established plants.

My shady little set up.

Them thus far.

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