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Marijuana vs other drugs


I know my choice.

Awesome Pot Toaster [pic]

Now this is my kind of toaster. :)

[Infographic] The Top 10 Greatest “Hits”

Top 10 most popular strains according to WeedMaps. Thanks to one of our readers for sending this to us! The image is after the jump. Continue reading

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from I Love Weed!

Girls Love Weed [pic]

Click to Enlarge

That is one thick toke. Source

Strong Signs Massachusetts Voters Are Ready to Embrace Marijuana Legalization

Are the voters in Massachusetts ready to embrace marijuana legalization in 2012? Analysis of the vote on local marijuana legalization advisory ballot question strongly points to yes.

Massachusetts allows for citizens to place non-binding local “public policy questions” on the ballot. This year, in several precincts, voters weighed in on whether their local representatives should “vote in favor of legislation that would allow the state to regulate and tax marijuana in the same manner as alcohol.” On Tuesday, over 150,000 votes were cast on the issue across the state in districts containing around 8.5 percent of the total vote.

In the districts where it was on the ballot, the advisory question passed with an impressive 61 percent of the vote, but these districts were on the whole slightly more liberal and pro-reform than the rest of the state. To determine how these results might translate to a statewide marijuana legalization ballot question, I used two different metrics. Continue reading for the results. Continue reading

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