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Pot Ice Cream at High Scream

Pot ice cream? Sounds like a stoner’s dream, doesn’t it? In California, those with a legal medical marijuana card can go to High Scream and get marijuana-infused ice cream. It’s widely known that not only can weed be smoked or inhaled, it can also be infused into food.

Brownies, muffins, and breads are all common foods used with the drug. However, it’s not just “baked” goods anymore – the new hot item is actually quite cold – ice cream.

Boasting flavors with Ben and Jerry’s sounding names like Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and TRIPle Chocolate Brownie (and more on the way) this ice cream will not only taste fab and leave you satisfied, it also makes the person eating it feel better.

You have to admit – a lot of creative things come out of California. Sadly, not everyone can try the legal medical marijuana ice cream. You have to have a doctor’s orders!

The cost is $15 for a half pint, which contains 2 to 4 doses of pot.

Why is ‘Pot’ Slang for Marijuana?

How did the word for a common kitchen instrument become slang for marijuana?

Actually, the origin of pot has nothing to do with the culinary tools. The word came into use in America in the late 1930s. It is a shortening of the Spanish potiguaya or potaguaya that came from potación de guaya, a wine or brandy in which marijuana buds have been steeped. It literally means “the drink of grief.”

Tonight, this grief drink will be the topic of hot debate when city council members in Oakland, California vote on a historic measure that would create licensed medical marijuana factories.

If the plan is approved, the city would license four production plants that would grow, package, and process medical marijuana. Supporters say the plan will provide the city with two things it direly needs: tax revenue and jobs. Opponents decry the wholesale legitimization of a substance that is a narcotic in most of the United States.

Like pot, the word marijuana refers to cannabis, the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The plant grows naturally in central Asia and other warm regions. Its uses vary from recreational to medicinal to religious.

Marijuana is the dried leaves and female flowers of the hemp plant. The word’s origin dates back to the late nineteenth century. It is an Americanism for the Mexican Spanish marihuana or mariguana, which is associated with the personal name María Juana.

Another name for marijuana is Mary Jane, the English version of María Juana. Mary Jane also refers to a small, round sponge cake and a brand of young girls’ patent leather shoes.

The origin of the word “coffee” is much more mysterious than the names for marijuana. Learn the beautiful name for coffee in Arabic in this earlier post.

Whatever you call it — ganja, weed, reefer, tea, bhang, leaf, or skunk — it may soon be legally factory farmed in record amounts in Oakland. What do you think?


How old were you when you started smoking?

I’m guessing most of us started in our teens, but it would be interesting to know the average age our viewers started smoking weed.

How old were you when you started smoking?

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Remember Kids…

What is Weed?

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What is weed? That is a very good question and depending on who you ask, you are going to get very different answers. To me weed is a way to enhance things that I would have already been doing (writing, eating, sleeping) as well as helps me with my depression and helps me to be more creative with my writing. To me, weed is also a business and I feel like we are witnessing history and a potential end to prohibition within our lifetime. Weed is a gift. Weed is amazing. You see what it means to all these people above. What is weed to you?


Brownies Sicken Teens at Northern Calif. School

Union City, Calif. — Authorities are trying to determine what was inside brownies that sickened five San Francisco Bay area high school students.

Officials say the students at James Logan High School in Union City thought they were eating marijuana-laced brownies last week, but began to feel more ill than high.

District spokesman Rick La Plante says two of the students, a senior and a sophomore, suffered convulsions and had to be hospitalized. They have since recovered.

Authorities are awaiting toxicology reports to determine what the brownies contained.

They also are trying to determine the source. La Plante says it’s not clear whether the students got the brownies on- or off-campus.

All five students could face disciplinary action.

via Fox News

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