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Feds Raid Oaksterdam University [video]

Federal agents are carrying out an investigation at Oaksterdam University in Oakland this morning, Internal Revenue Service spokeswoman Arlette Lee said.

Snoop Dogg Not Happy About Willie Nelson’s Weed Bust

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to touting his love for marijuana, and he’s not pleased that his weed-toking buddy, Willie Nelson was pinched for possessing the green stuff. The Doggfather recently spoke on the country legend’s arrest after border patrol at Sierra Blanca, Texas detained him for possessing six ounces of the sticky icky.

“They better leave Willie the f— alone!” a heated Snoop told TMZ. “Willie Nelson is a legend, man. Really, sometimes you gotta back off certain people and have a certain amount of respect for your elders. Willie Nelson is our elder. He’s somebody who lived through many decades of music and hard times and whatnot and living good and going up and down. So give him that respect.”

The Cali rapper continued his tirade by going after the police officer who put him behind bars. ‘Who’s the motherf—er that arrested him? I want to know who’s the police officer that said ‘You’re under arrest. You’ve got a right to remain silent.’ You dumb motherf–ker, you. You stupid motherf—er you. What you think you going to gain by arresting Willie Nelson? He got out and he back smoking right now!”

Snoop collaborated with his toke buddy on ‘My Medicine,’ a track dedicated to pot that was included on his 2008 album ‘Ego Trippin’.’ He capped his diatribe by cementing his love for Nelson and issuing a warning: “If you got a problem with Willie Nelson, you got a problem with me!”


Largest Bust in Mexican History, 121 Tons [Photos]

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Medical Marijuana Grower Fires a Shotgun at Home Invader

A Sacramento man who fired a 12 gauge shotgun at a home intruder says he won’t hesitate to use that gun again.

“It’s loaded. All I have to do is cock it and rock it,” said D’Andre Pendarvis.

Pendarvis knows exactly what the home invader, who kicked in the back door of his Oak Park home Monday night, was after, medical marijuana.

In a daring display of defiance, Pendarvis grabbed a recently borrowed shotgun and blasted it loud and clear. His message, “don’t take what’s not yours, including my medical marijuana.”

He called police just before 9:00 p.m. to report the robbery. He said someone, first kicked his door, then kicked it in. The intruder fired two shots from a 9mm gun and Pendarvis fired four shots back.

It doesn’t appear he hit the intruder who took off running. Inside Pendarvis’ home, a bullet blasted through a mirror and a couch. Shards of glass flew across his living room like bullets themselves, piercing his television.

He had just borrowed a shotgun from a friend last week, knowing that marijuana is a hot commodity among crooks. They have said that it is actually green gold. It’s worth almost as much as gold is, ounce for ounce, pound for pound.”

So why put himself at risk by growing plants in his backyard and inside his home? Pendarvis says he uses it to help with insomnia, and admits, what he doesn’t personally use himself, he could possibly sell. He said he’s more fearful of Child Protective Services than the police and that’s why his daughter doesn’t live with him. He said his grow is perfectly legal and so is shooting at someone that you fear is about to hurt you. His message to anyone who comes at him for his pot, “There’s a 12 gauge slug waiting for you.”

Sacramento police say they will likely respond to more of these calls as more people begin to grow pot legally. One officer said, “the odor of pot plants coming from a home or yard, is like a jewelry box sitting right next to a window. “

Couple Arrested with 1,300 Marijuana Plants Found on B.C. Property

Police say a Richmond couple bought a three-storey house on a four-hectare property near Clearwater a year ago for the sole purpose of growing marijuana.

Clearwater RCMP officials say they executed a search warrant on the property on Thursday, netting more than 1,300 marijuana plants on site. Police also found 8 kilograms of dried bud.

Police say the rural property, located in a rural area on Clearwater Valley Road, had a three-storey house and small shed, all of which were used to for the grow-op. In addition, police say the couple also built an additional outbuilding to increase production capacity.

The suspects have been released and will appear in court on Dec. 15, police say.

Article via The Vancouver Sun

Handheld Drugs Test for Parents to Analyze Their Children’s Saliva

A disposable drugs test that allows parents to check if their children have been taking cannabis or cocaine by analysing a droplet of saliva has been developed by British scientists.

The handheld device, which resembles a pregnancy testing kit, costs just £1.50 and produces an accurate result within five minutes.Its creators say it could be available within two years.

The Vantix sensor was developed to help police carry out speedy roadside drug-driving tests, but it could just as easily be used by parents who are worried their children are taking drugs.

News of the breakthrough comes just days after the conviction and jailing of singer George Michael for possessing cannabis and drug driving.

Kevin Auton, of Universal Sensors, has admitted that the test would be controversial and could have ‘huge implications for society’.

He said: ‘In America, parents are taking samples of their children’s saliva and hair and sending them off to labs to see if their children are taking drugs. If there is demand for it here, it would be an interesting market.

‘It is controversial but the test can be used in the home for worried parents to test if their children are taking drugs.
‘We are very focused on getting the test out of the laboratory and on to other platforms. It is as simple to use as a pregnancy test.’

The devices are designed to be used at the roadside, in a police station or in the home.

Currently, officers perform ‘field impairment tests’, which look at pupil dilation, balance and coordination.
However, these are not solid proof of illegal driving and police are often reluctant to carry out time consuming blood tests.

The breakthrough means police would be able to identify drugs by taking a swab from a driver’s mouth.
The sensor works by using a disposable 5mm wide chip printed on a piece of plastic.

On the surface of the chip are antibodies that respond to particular chemicals in drugs – such as the THC molecule found in cannabis.

If an antibody on the chip comes into contact with its ‘target’ chemical, a tiny electrical current flows in the chip. The current is amplified by a larger, handheld device which lights up a warning lamp.

The chip can be adapted to detect a range of chemicals – including those only found in drugs or explosives.

Mr Auton added: ‘I’m not sure if parents are ready in this country and the test raises privacy issues.’

Article via Cannabis Culture

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