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Prince of Pot transferred to Georgia

Vancouver’s Prince of Pot Marc Emery has been transferred to a low-security federal prison in Georgia for non-U.S. “deportable aliens.”

Emery, who had expected to be transferred to a California facility, is now at the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, Ga.

The facility, which had been a state prison known for violent incidents among inmates, was changed in October to an Immigration & Naturalization Services low-security federal prison for “deportable aliens,” according to a blog entry by Emery.

In the entry, addressed to his wife Jodie on the Cannabis Culture website, Emery said the move was made to “send me as far away from you as possible.”

Jodie said Sunday that Emery is doing all right and “trying to keep his spirits up” as he continues to apply for a transfer to serve his time in Canada.

Emery, 52, was sentenced by a U.S. judge to five years in prison for selling marijuana seeds to U.S. customers through his business, Marc Emery Direct.

Emery has been a political activist for three decades.

Norman Grant Smith, a marijuana activist, is urging Emery’s supporters to write to the federal public safety minister to petition for his immediate transfer to Canada.


Marc Emery Punished for an Unwritten Rule

Written by Jodie Emery. Read the full article here.

Today Marc was punished with two months of no commissary (food, shampoo, soap, envelopes, stamps, etc.) and his cellmate for one month because I gave his cellmate money! Apparently it’s against the rules even though it’s not in the rule book. Marc was staying healthy eating nuts, trail mix, and tuna and turkey packets from commissary, now he has to “survive” on meals like peanut butter, bread, and rice.

I’m so disappointed and angry. I have sent money and books to different inmates before, there’s no rule against it. Marc had two hearings with the Lieutenants of the prison and one was really mean, while the second was less so, but they decided that the appropriate punishment for Marc was two months of no commissary.

When Marc was first called to see the Lieutenant last week, the Lt. was being extremely rude, aggressive, and even threatening. He said that he reads all of Marc’s emails and letters and listens to all of his phone calls, and that he didn’t approve of the chapter Marc wrote about what it’s like going to prison (for Barry Cooper’s upcoming book) and that he thought it was “bullshit”. Marc didn’t even criticize the prison! He just objectively wrote about the process of it, and of course he said the food was dismal, but that’s the truth!

So the Lt. was pissed off about what Marc was writing, but that’s not against the rules. So he said that it was against the rules for me to send money into Marc’s cellmate’s account, even though that’s not in the rule book either! They decided to ensure that they both suffer because of my generosity, which I pass on from the people who give it to me.

Marc Emery Sentenced – 5 Years minus time served [vid]

This just in: Marc Emery has been sentenced to 5 years in jail minus time served. The Judge in the case has recomended Marc be transfered back to Canada as soon as the Canadian government requests it.

Let everyone know about the Free Marc Emery World-Wide Rallies on September 18! These are the best way to let the Conservatives know we want Marc home!

Sentenced to five years behind bars, Canada’s Prince of Pot Marc Emery was led off to an American penitentiary Friday repenting his seed-selling sins and professing love for his wife.

“I love you Jodie!” he mouthed silently to her as he was led away.

There may be a place for and time for a debate over the legalization of marijuana the judge told him, but this is not the time or the place — marijuana is illegal.

In a beige prisoner’s jumpsuit, Emery sat throughout the 15-minute hearing with his hands folded under his chin.

His wife Jodie Emery sat stoically the public gallery with about 40 supporters, press and undercover law-enforcement officers.

Seeds traced to grow houses in every region of the U.S. were linked to Emery according to the prosecution, and the original DEA press release called Emery one of the “most wanted international drug trafficking organizational targets — one of only 46 in the world and the only one from Canada.”

Judge Ricardo Martinez, of the western Washington district court, told the 52-year-old Vancouver businessman that he had grown up along the Canadian border and was saddened by what illegal drugs have done to both countries.

“I regret the example we set,” Emery told him, “and I won’t be doing that again.

“I’d like to point out though that it made it sound like I’m a bad guy . . . but I had very good intentions and wanted to be considered a proper participant in our society. I do believe that these prohibition laws create a lot of problems and create organized crime.”

It was a sad emotional end to a 30-year public career by the staunch libertarian most Canadians considered a benign and charismatic political prankster.

The U.S. prosecutors said he was the “largest [pot seed] distributor in North America and at least the largest into the United States . . . .no doubt he sold millions of marijuana seeds that produced millions of marijuana plants in the U.S.”

Outside the federal courthouse, a small group protested his sentence.

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Marijuana Activists Call On President Obama To Pardon Canadian Pot Prisoner

Seattle area marijuana activists will gather outside the Federal Courthouse at 700 Stewart Street on Friday, September 10, to protest the sentencing of Marc Emery, the so-called Prince of Pot, who faces five years in federal prison for selling marijuana seeds by mail order to Americans and to call on President Barack Obama to pardon him. The controversial Canadian faced federal charges after DEA agents entered Canada and arrested Emery in 2005. Emery is expected to be sentenced to five years in federal prison under a plea agreement reached with federal prosecutors.

“The Emery case is a prime example of the overreach of the federal government and the need for marijuana laws that match social reality in America,” said Philip Dawdy, Sensible Washington’s co-founder and vice-chair. “It’s crazy that he’s going to prison for selling seeds and that the federal government is willing to spend millions of dollars prosecuting and imprisoning him. President Obama should pardon Emery and get busy with reforming America’s outdated marijuana laws.”

When Emery was arrested in 2005, federal officials described his arrest as a blow to efforts to legalize marijuana in the US. Emery was the publisher of the Vancouver-based Cannabis Culture magazine and planned to use his seed-selling profits to fund legalization efforts in the US.

Activists will gather outside the US Courthouse from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday while Emery, already in federal detention in SeaTac, is being sentenced. Continue reading

Marc Emery Prosecutor Now Says Legalize Marijuana

Seattle Times posts an article by John McKay, former US Attorney for the Western District of Washington. John McKay defected to the other side. As the federal prosecutor in Seattle, McKay oversaw the indictment and prosecution of Canadian marijuana seed seller and pot advocate Marc Emery, who now sits in an American federal detention facility awaiting the formal handing down of a five-year prison sentence later this month.

I DON’T smoke pot. And I pretty much think people who do are idiots.

This certainly includes Marc Emery, the self-styled “Prince of Pot” from Canada whom I indicted in 2005 for peddling marijuana seeds to every man, woman and child with an envelope and a stamp. Emery recently pleaded guilty and will be sentenced this month in Seattle, where he faces five years in federal prison. If changing U.S. marijuana policy was ever Emery’s goal, the best that can be said is that he took the wrong path.

As Emery’s prosecutor and a former federal law-enforcement official, however, I’m not afraid to say out loud what most of my former colleagues know is true: Our marijuana policy is dangerous and wrong and should be changed through the legislative process to better protect the public safety.

Congress has failed to recognize what many already know about our policy of criminal prohibition of marijuana — it has utterly failed. Listed by the U.S. government as a “Schedule One” drug alongside heroin, the demand for marijuana in this country for decades has outpaced the ability of law enforcement to eliminate it. Perhaps this is because millions of Americans smoke pot regularly and international drug cartels, violent gangs and street pushers work hard to reap the profits.

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Free Marc Worldwide Rally - September 18th

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Bring Marc Emery Home to Canada

We want the Canadian government to bring Marc Emery home, to serve his sentence in Canada.

This is a normal process called “Treaty Transfer” whereby American and Canadian prisoners are transferred home to serve their sentences in their native country. This is normally done so that prisoners can be closer to their families, and be better monitored and reintegrated into society.

Once Emery is sentenced in the USA, his lawyers will try to initiate the treaty transfer process. They expect no objection from American authorities, but there must also be support from Canada’s Public Safety Minister.

Originally we were fighting for Canadian officials to block Marc’s extradition entirely. Now we are simply asking the Public Safety Minister to accept Marc’s treaty transfer and allow him to serve some of his sentence in Canada.

The Canadian Minister of Public Safety is Vic Toews (pronounced “Taves”). Please contact Mr. Toews and tell him that you want him to support Marc’s prison transfer back to serve his sentence in Canada.

Pease be polite and respectful – but very firm – when contacting Vic Toews office.

The best way is to write a letter to Vic Toews, postage free:

The Hon. Vic Toews
Parliament Hill
Suite 306, HC Justice Building
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

You can also call Vic Toews office at: 204-326-9889 and 613-992-3128

Vic Toews can be reached by email at: [email protected] and [email protected]

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