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Ricochet Kills 2 [game]

Now this is a fun time waster. Shoot and try to kill everyone. You only get so many bullets so be careful. Read the full article for the game. Continue reading

Google Pacman [Game]

This was the Google logo a few days ago. It was the 30th anniversary of Pacman!

You can still play all 256 levels on Google.

Super Mario Crossover [game]

One of the best flash Mario games ever! You can also choose any other classic Nintendo character to play with in this Mario based platform.

Read more for the game. Continue reading

Robot Wants Kitty [Game]

Here’s a fun time waster. Old school gameplay and music, yet very awesome. Robot Wants Kittty

JamLegend: Guitar Hero in your browser

Try out this addicting Guitar Hero clone, with many songs to choose from! Click continue reading for a song you can play right here!

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First Person Tetris, Trippy Shit

Any old school gamers out there? Try this one on for size.

First Person Tetris
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