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Sorry Bro – Awesome Stop Motion Weed Video

One of our fans has created this awesome stop-motion video. I love it and I think you will too.

Soldiers Caught Breaking Into Dispensary

Three active duty soldiers stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado are being held on $10,000 bond while facing second degree burglary charges for breaking into Rocky Road Remedies – a medical cannabis dispensary located in Colorado Springs. The soldiers broke in around 2 a.m. by smashing a lock on the establishment’s back door.

Unfortunately for the suspects, police officers happened to be right next door responding to an unrelated call. While the soldiers attempted to go out the way they came in, they realized the back door was jammed. When they tried to use the front door, they realized it was reenforced with iron bars. In short, they were trapped inside the dispensary.

Soon enough police noticed the soldier/burglars and placed them under arrest.

According to the owner of Rock Road Remedies, “It’s definitely humorous because in the videotape you see them running back and forth, back and forth, kind of realizing that they’re trapped and they are going to get caught.”

To make matters even worse, the pot and cash were locked away in a safe, so even if the soldier/burglars weren’t reenacting a Three Stooges routine, it is unlikely they would have made off with anything valuable.


San Francisco’s Rules for Making Pot Brownies

You know you’re a Californian when you have to ask if the brownies someone brought to a potluck are “special” or not.

But while the casual peddler of edible marijuana on sunny days in the City’s parks still faces arrest, the City’s Department of Public Health has rules for legitimate edible cannabis treats at medical marijuana dispensaries.

For instance, anything that requires refrigeration is right out unless the dispensary applies for an exemption, so you might want to rethink your plans for a soda fountain at your dispensary.

In fact, making anything look like candy which might attract children — such as candy bars wrapped in packaging meant to mimic popular brands — is also forbidden.

The packaging does, however, have to state the amount of marijuana in the food, and whether it contains any potential allergens such as nuts.

Only members of a dispensary are allowed to make the products, and if they intend to sell them at more than one location, they need to have a food handler’s permit.

If California voters pass Proposition 19, the Tax Cannabis Act that would effectively decriminalize the recreational use of the drug, you can expect similar regulations to apply to entrepreneurs looking to bake goods that will get you baked.

In fact, it’s probably only a matter of time before you’ll be able to get full nutritional information labeled-goods — so that you can count your calories both before and after the munchies kick in.

Written by Jackson West from NBC

Investigators Raid Medical Marijuana Protest Organizer

The medical marijuana patient and caretaker who organized a protest outside the Saginaw County Courthouse last week, says investigators raided his home Tuesday.

Thomas Township resident John Roberts organized the protest, accusing The Saginaw County Sheriff of raiding patients and caretakers. Protesters came from around the state, some holding signs reading, “Learn the Law.”

Roberts, who is vice president of the Tri-City Compassion Club, said at the protest, “Our patients had to suffer because they don’t believe in it. I don’t give a rat’s {expletive} what they believe in.”

Wednesday Roberts told NBC25 he believes investigators raided his home in retaliation. He says now he has patients who will suffer.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says his department had nothing to do with the raid, and that it was part of a federal investigation.

– Article from NBC25

Read more for the video. Continue reading

Employee Killed At Marijuana Dispensary

Hollywood – An employee at a marijuana dispensary in Hollywood was killed Thursday night during an apparent robbery, police said. The death was reported about 9:05 p.m. in the 1600 block of North El Centro Avenue, just north of the Hollywood Palladium, according to Los Angeles police.

“It is a homicide,” Officer Karen Rayner of Los Angeles police Media Relations said, adding she did not how the person died. “It appears to be a robbery.”

It was not clear if the apparent robbery and killing were related to an earlier armed robbery at an Echo Park marijuana dispensary where one employee was shot dead and another was critically injured, Rayner said.

“The sole employee in the store was found dead by the owner of the store,” Los Angeles police Sgt. Don Lawrence of the Hollywood Station said.

Lawrence said he did not know whether the person was shot, or how he or she died.

An investigation was under way at the scene, Lawrence said.

Capt. Kevin McClure of the LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Unit was en route to the Hollywood dispensary, Rayner said.


Montana Marijuana Clinic Firebombed

Montana Therapeutics gives marijuana to about 50 people. Monday's firebombing caused about $2,500 in damage but no injuries. (Larry Mayer/billings Gazette Via Associated Press)

The incidents come as the Billings City Council is scheduled to vote Monday night on a six-month moratorium on approving additional marijuana businesses.

A rock was used to break the glass of Montana Therapeutics at 4:30 a.m. Monday, and a beer bottle filled with gasoline was lighted and thrown inside, according to Sgt. Kevin Iffland of the Billings police. A passerby reported the fire.

Fire crews quickly put out the small blaze, Deputy Fire Marshal Trevor Schilling said.

About 5 a.m. a day earlier, surveillance video showed two young men spray-painting “NOT IN OUR TOWN” on the front of Big Sky Patient Care and throwing a rock through the front door followed by a flaming bottle, Big Sky owner David Couch said.

Nobody was injured in either instance.

Trevor McFarren, co-owner of Montana Therapeutics, said his business provides marijuana for about 50 people and has never had a problem, a complaint or even a bad phone call since opening in January, he said.

McFarren said he believes that Monday’s council vote is linked to the attack, which he said caused about $2,500 in damage.

“I’m sure they’re trying to fuel the fire about” the vote, he said. “It’s more of an attack on the community than anything.” Couch also said he has not had any complaints since his business opened in April. He declined to say how many patients Big Sky has.

“If anything good comes out of this, it will probably be a desire for more education in the general public,” he said.

Police have no suspects, Iffland said. Surveillance video may have captured what happened, but the building’s owners do not want to release the video to police until they speak to their attorney, Iffland said. Continue reading

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