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Grasscity Cyber Monday and Black Friday Cyberweeks Sale!

Our friends at Grasscity are at it again, this time with a 2 week sale for Cyber Monday and Black Friday!

cyberweek sale

Two weeks 25% Super discount starting November 22nd, until December 10th 2013
use the following discount coupon at checkout:

Grasscity 4/20 Sale!

Grasscity Sale

Our friends at Grasscity are having another great sale. It’s a great time to pick up some new gear!

11 days, 25% Super discount starting April 20th, until April 30th 2013
use the following discount coupon at checkout:

If you have any pictures of your bongs or pipes you would like us to share on I Love Weed, feel free to email us at

Black Friday Bong Sale!

Grasscity.Com affiliate program bongs waterpipes glass pipes

Our friends at Grasscity have an awesome sale going on! Check it out! :)

Grasscity Cyber Monday Sale!

Check out Grasscity for some awesome deals! Promo runs until December 3rd.

Smokewire – Bongs, Pipes, Bubblers

Check out SmokeWire for some really nice bongs, bubblers, and pipes.

Grasscity’s 420 Sale! 4 days only. - 4 days 20% Discount, happy 420!!!

Happy 420!!! Use the couponcode : 420BABY at checkout for 4 days of 20% Discount! Valid from 20th of April until the 23rd of April.

As you well have seen over the couple of months, percolator bongs are the all new rage in smoking. They have some new designs for you in stock! Enjoy!

Check all their new products in stock (or click continue reading for a few)
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