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Cheech & Chong Anthem [music video]

Check out Cheech and Chong’s new video “Cheech and Chong Anthem / We(ed) Are The World”, starring Zack Galifiniakis, Bill Maher, Whiz Khalifa Laugh, George Lopez, B-Real, Kid Cudi, Willie Nelson, Whoopi Goldberg, and the states of Washington and Colorado!

Stoner Crossing [pic]

Stoner Crossing

We have our own spot to cross the street now :)

Awesome Pot Toaster [pic]

Now this is my kind of toaster. :)

Textbook Vandalism [pic]

Well, I guess that is too much water. via Reddit

Moved to a new city? Ask this.

via reddit

When Muppets Blaze Weed [music video]

Dr. Dre’s song, “the Roach”, gets a music video that Jim Henson would be proud of!
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