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11 Awesome Joints [gallery]

Now these are some awesome joints! Rolled by user TonyGreenHand on reddit.

[Infographic] The Top 10 Greatest “Hits”

Top 10 most popular strains according to WeedMaps. Thanks to one of our readers for sending this to us! The image is after the jump. Continue reading

3D Bud Shot


This is very awesome.

Sorry Bro – Awesome Stop Motion Weed Video

One of our fans has created this awesome stop-motion video. I love it and I think you will too.

Glowing Bong Water [pic]

Click to Enlarge

I shot this picture a few months ago. Although I am not sure why I waited until now to post it. Enjoy!

It’s just a few drops of highlighter fluid and a black light.

Smallest Functional Bong [pics]

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This is seriously the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages. Although it would be hard not to burn your nose. :P Source

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