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  • moore Nana

    Blue Dream – Sativa
    This is some very beautiful Blue Dream.
    The buds are super dense and super smelly!
    The floral fragrance is strong and perfumy. This is unmistakeable Blue Dream.
    With each inhale, you will feel a super strong headrush that will turn into bliss.
    This is great for the creative person and will put anyone in a good mood.
    This is an uplifting medication that may cause laughter. 🙂 contact ([email protected] )for details

    Girl Scout Hash – Hybrid
    This is handmade concentrate made from some hydro Girl Scout Cookies.
    This is a fantastic concentrate that is great anytime…
    as long as you’re not driving a car or flying a plane!
    Perfectly created to sprinkle on your bowl, inside your joint or in a concentrate vaporizer.
    Expect a very hard initial blast that will even out and last for quite a while.
    This may taste like a treat but please use with caution. contact ([email protected] )for details

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