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Papa Johns rats out customer for smoking weed, rival pizza chain offers him free pizza

A man who got a visit from police after a pizza delivery driver smelled marijuana at his home is getting free pizza from a different restaurant.

Police visited Frederick Smith of Aurora after a Papa John’s International Inc. driver reported he smelled marijuana in the home last week and saw a child there. Smith told KUSA-TV in Denver he’s a registered medical marijuana user. He says police searched his house then left.

Papa John’s has said it stands by its employee.

On Thursday, Denver-based Sexy Pizza said it’s offering Smith one free pizza monthly until Colorado voters decide a proposed 2012 ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. If voters pass it, Sexy Pizza says, it’ll extend the offer for life.

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  • nedmorlef

    corporate stands by their employee? didn’t know that. I guess I won’t be calling Papa to my house anymore.

  • s

    I guess he is now getting free pizza for life haha

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