Advocate Goes To Prison Rather Than Quit Marijuana

Deputy District Attorney Jeff Greeson holds up a jar of marijuana obtained from defendant Joel Castle’s hotel room ore than a year ago. Castle, left, was ultimately found guilty of possession and sale of marijuana. He chose nine months in prison rather than three years’ probation.​

A California medical marijuana patient said he prefers being behind bars to being told he can’t use cannabis. Joel Castle is going to prison for nine months rather than spending the next three years on probation, because a condition of the probation a judge offered him was that he quit smoking pot.Castle, the former Chico Cannabis Club operator who was found guilty last month of two felonies associated with a guitar-for-pot trade in January 2010, was sentenced earlier this month, reports Meredith J. Graham at the Chico News Review.Judge Robert Glusman at first offered Castle three years’ probation. But the medical marijuana patient refused, and was sentenced instead to two years, eight months in state prison.”It was the first time I really spoke my mind to that judge,” Castle said.

Castle ended up being ejected from the courtroom during his sentencing, never a good sign.

Source (Toke of the Town)

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  • It’s sad to see a guy that believes so much about something go to jail for a silly little thing like this… marijuana charges are a joke, no one should have to sit in a cell for that.

  • longbud

    So that means he can still smoke pot while he is in jail does’nt?

  • This guy really loves his weed.

  • Kat4204Life

    How utterly sad! I find it so amazing that the government and these numb skulled judges and DA’s think that having tax payers money go to housing a pot head, a Medical one at that, in jail for nine months is a good use and where tax payers money should be going, given all of our other, SERIOUS, issues in this country. Thus, is the reason this country is in the TRILLIONS of dollars in debt it is. The people who do pay taxes money is going towards shit like this instead of education or coming up with ideas on how to start importing more of our product instead of exporting to help with our national debt. Or, IDK to the economy to create more jobs. Don’t blame Obama!! Blame idiots like this! Poor guy! Good for you for standing up to this idiotic asshole.