• We hadn’t come up with manicuring nugs back then…

  • jhuan

    psh id smoke it… id smoke the hell out of it ^^

  • wow times sure have changed glad there is real growers

    • locx

      you fuckin idiots, that was real marihuana, without any genetics and bullshit no posions

  • He_Who_Knows

    I’d smoke catnip before I’d smoke any of these 40 strains of swag.

    • Lol


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  • shib

    it had to do with the way everyone grew it back then, which was just a bunch of plants getting full sun. People didnt always exclude males or time things like they do now. Back then these probably looked amazing compared to other strains

  • teasucksss

    Wow, what garbage.

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  • BadGuy

    The 21 Maui looks the best …isn’t saying much

  • MightyMik

    if only those were grown today, using modern techniques … they’d look a lot better. All those genetics are probably lost do to no one growing it. Hybrids are fine BUT vintage ruled back in the day.

  • Jason LeClair

    Cross any of those with each other and the resulting f1 is better than the kush you internet babies smoke. Half you kids have never gotten weed anywhere but a dispensary. You think if you go to africa or vietnam or brazil that the weed doesn’t look just like that? There is no genetic variation anymore. Hawaiian and Jamaican weed in the 80s got me higher than purple kush does now.