• We hadn’t come up with manicuring nugs back then…

  • jhuan

    psh id smoke it… id smoke the hell out of it ^^

  • wow times sure have changed glad there is real growers

    • locx

      you fuckin idiots, that was real marihuana, without any genetics and bullshit no posions

      • Chris Gier

        you smoke that crap, i will smokey sum nuggs…

      • uhm, poisons?

      • /sar

        it still had genetics you fucking tard. thats kinda what makes it up? just like you have genetics. although you probably share them with rocks because youre dumb as fuck

  • He_Who_Knows

    I’d smoke catnip before I’d smoke any of these 40 strains of swag.

    • Lol


      • Willy Maykit

        If it weren’t for the “schwag”…you’d be smoking nothing.

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  • shib

    it had to do with the way everyone grew it back then, which was just a bunch of plants getting full sun. People didnt always exclude males or time things like they do now. Back then these probably looked amazing compared to other strains

  • teasucksss

    Wow, what garbage.

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  • BadGuy

    The 21 Maui looks the best …isn’t saying much

  • MightyMik

    if only those were grown today, using modern techniques … they’d look a lot better. All those genetics are probably lost do to no one growing it. Hybrids are fine BUT vintage ruled back in the day.

  • Jason LeClair

    Cross any of those with each other and the resulting f1 is better than the kush you internet babies smoke. Half you kids have never gotten weed anywhere but a dispensary. You think if you go to africa or vietnam or brazil that the weed doesn’t look just like that? There is no genetic variation anymore. Hawaiian and Jamaican weed in the 80s got me higher than purple kush does now.

    • Atrocious Desperado

      you’re just in denial old fart 30% thc strains will give your old ass a heart attack 😉

    • Atrocious Desperado

      you’re just in denial old fart 30% thc strains will give your old ass a heart attack 😉

      • Willy Maykit

        Gotta chuckle when I see you kids in a candy store nowadays.
        Holding your money up saying: Please Mr….can I get $30 worth of the Frooty-Booty/Purple People Eater/Blueberry Cotton-Candy cross?

        Get real. You kids and your overbred schwag.
        Fact: A couple hits of any of these landraces would lay you out flat, son.

    • Zach Hallahan

      Desperado..He is right. Of course you probably are a moron. Ever smoke Panama red with it’s vanilla flavor..or Hawaiian blue with it’s pineapple taste..yumm. Shit I used to get some columbian gold that tasted like hash. Sit down and shut the fuck up douchebag.

    • Willy Maykit

      Gotta chuckle when you see these kids in a candy store.
      Please Mr….can I get $30 worth of the Frooty-Booty/Purle People Eater/cotton Candy cross?

      • yallaredumb

        you have nothing else to say but the same thing twice? you too buttbuddies do realize that these genetics led to what we have today? those strains have been bred with eachother and others to create better strains. get off your old fuck high horse before you have a heart attack. go try something that has been bred in a lab by people with years and years of experience. Way better than a lid of some sweaty hippy schwag

  • Jungle Jim

    These are all landrace sativas. They have no indica blood. They were all imported. All untrimmed pure sativas look like this and are notoriously scrawny. Cannabis eradication programs here and abroad brought the crops indoors and indicas crossed in to make a more compact plant for indoor grows and to provide bulk to the product but it costs in thc/cbd ratios an the soaring hugh of thc heavy plants Buds weren’t trimmed tight until the late 70’s. We called this the yuppie trim because those bud leaves were totally crystalline and only trimmed for aesthetic reasons. We would gleefully smoke the inexpensive but potent bud shake and charge a premium for that yuppiw cut, pretty hybrid.

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  • Grayson Millar

    Guys, it’s just untrimmed. Yeah, the density and potency wasn’t as fine-tuned as it is today, but this is basically what pot looks like if you haven’t manicured it down to the nub as is normally seen these days.

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  • John Fritz

    Dont be too fooled, the boys and girls didn’t shave and they didn’t trim the buds after harvest. The Hawaiian strains would be recognizable to us modern smokers as the dank. Even back then they had the incredible fruity smell and were fully coated in crystals. They just were not trimmed. The Hawaiian Maui strain, even now, would definitely compete with the rock stars of today.

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