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      You’re welcome.

  • doug


  • Mike

    I love weed, but this is fucking gay

    • Derp.

      You’re fucking gay.

    • julia

      So, what?
      Youre a stoner who doesn’t appreciate all the benefits of getting blazed?

    • Ol’ Skool Stoner

      Nah, it was gay.

      • Ol’Skool Stoner is a fag

        Ur gay! Dick

  • quite simply the most amazing thing i’ve ever stumbled upon. bravo (:

    • TMG

      Hm. The choices are for me (and pretty much everyone with pain/anxiety/insomnia issues, el. al):

      Corporate government approved pharmaceuticals with awesome side effects.

      – Dizziness
      – Constipation
      – Heart Palpitations
      – Diarrhea
      – Yellowing of the skin
      – Eczema
      – Heart Palpitations
      – Kidney or Liver damage
      – Stomach pains
      – Fever/headache
      – Death from accidental (or otherwise) overdose

      Or non-corporate, non-government approved natural substance known as marijuana with not so awesome side effects.

      – The “munchies”
      – Short term memory loss (yet this is countered with an increase in long term memory, so not sure that counts as a side-effect)
      – Paranoia (but only because of the stigma we give marijuana)

      Another problem MANY people have with marijuana is the whole ‘lack of motivation issue.’ However, that’s entirely unjustified. If your pot is making you lazy, time to find a different strain. Just because a sativa makes you want to do nothing and that’s all you have ever smoked, doesn’t mean that an indica or a hybrid strain of the two would have the same effect, or vice versa. A lot of people have NO idea that different strains have very different effects on your body/mind. Some are good for ADHD, some are good for insomnia, others are good for chronic pains, others are good for insight. I know that personally, with the ADD and myriad of other issues I have, life can sometimes be quite frustrating, and it’s very difficult to get motivated, however, two of my favorite strains get me going like nothing else can. I’ll smoke a bit in the morning and be 100% productive for the remains of the day; cleaning house, going out for errands, etc. I also run my own pc repair/build business, so, claiming that people are lazy, good for nothing or unproductive whilst smoking is not only invariably ignorant, it’s kind of insulting.

  • anon

    Thank you for robbing me of motivation to ever do anything more with my life than find you and smoke you. Thank you for being more important to me than my human friends. Thank you for taking all of my money but making it so much easier to stay home than find a job.

    • bob

      hmm…I guess pot isn’t for everyone

    • Alec

      people who say things like this live a life of ignorance. open your eyes. dont just listen to the bullshit that everyone else tells you.

      • Ben

        Uhh dude, I’m not officer tracy or anti-pot or whatever, but saying that someone who says stuff like this lives a life of ignorance is extremely ignorant. Not everyone who smokes pot is going to become a better person as a result of it, a lot of people do burn out and it would be completely foolish to ignore that. Anyone who knows marijuana will tell you these people exist, the ones that are unemployed living at their parents house smoking weed all day. So in all sincereness, fuck you.

    • Angelo

      Im really tired of people saying stuff about weed when they truly have no knowledge of what they are doing.
      I smoke, about 3 times a week in order to relieve anxiety and to relax. Weed isnt needed to meet people or to do things, but it does help. Personally, even though i smoke, there are burnouts that give the plant a bad name. There are way to many people who have control issues that go from using the plant to abusing it.

      Too much of anything is a bad thing including marijuana.

      Now people who believe that marijuana destroys your ability to do anything and your will to work and find friends. Im living proof that it is not true. I have been smoking marijuana since freshmen year high school. i started because i did not want to be put on anxiety medicine or any other medications. I am now a college grad, i work as an IT Network manager and i am in charge of the network and technology of a 40 million dollar telemarketing company. I have risen to this position, bought my own house, have a girlfriend who doesnt smoke, and i own 3 cars. now maybe my success is a exception to the outline that people think pot smokers follow. I feel that all it takes is one exception to prove that it can happen and that it does happen.
      I know lawyers and doctors who come home from a stressful day at work to smoke to help them relax instead of drinking beer or liquor.

      Pot isnt for everyone and not everyone can control themselves, but people need to stop classifying people who smoke as failures and unmotivated people.

      By the way!!! If your anti-pot, why did your stumble bring you to this page??
      Food for thought

  • Charlotte

    Both this graphic and the last anon comment are only 2 experiences with a drug.

    This graphic could be about caffeine. It could be about thanking caffeine for helping you wake up in the morning and work all day long.

    Someone would comment to tell you that caffeine sucks because it gave them or a friend kidney stones, or migraines, or insomnia, or stomach ulcers…etc.

    Like pretty much everything else, chemicals can be medicine or drug depending on usage.

    • Purps

      True but what does that have anything to do with cannabis? It’s not a chemical, and it’s only a “drug” b/c the government classifies it that way. (I’m sure you can remember your own 5th grade D.A.R.E class definition of a drug w/o me having to reiterate.) I’d just like to clarify that, in case anyone else was wondering. This is beautiful, btw. Best medicine ever invented and it’s been here all this time. If only more people would let go of antiquated ideals and embrace what nature has given us.

      • Mike

        THC is a chemical numb nuts

      • John

        THC is a chemical within pot, and a drug is anything that alters your brain chemistry in any way. Alcohol is a drug, despite it being legal. Pharmaceuticals are drugs, despite their being legal. A drug isn’t just a drug because it is illegal. I love pot.

      • Ben

        …It is a drug… and yes, it is one of the best ‘inventions’ next to the ‘invention’ of the tomato plant…

  • DAN01958

    That was so well written. I want to get to using Cannabis for my pain. I have been using Everything from Viv’s to A lot of m/s cotin to m/s/ cotin with Dalaudid for breakthrough pain on top the m/s cotin. I can’t sleep or crap!!! But I’m afraid to get on pot and Michigan screw me over when I get feeling perfect from the Cannabis working and have to go back to the hell I’m on now. It’s horrible. I’m a diabetic with Peripheral Neuropathy, hands and one foot and one leg left that feels like on fire 24/7.Have had a surgery in the back already for the bone deterioration. And HOLYBAMA THINKS I DON’T NEED HELP WITH MY WHEELCHAIR THAT BROKE DOWN LAST YEAR!!! BASTARD!! It sure sounds like you have found your piece of heaven, but do you worry about the carpet being pulled out from under you? Maybe that’s why I need the pot, lol!!

  • Lauren

    This is a bit too positive isn’t it?

  • Jonker

    Simply beautiful

  • So interesting imagination. I like the poem COOL 😉

  • Mike

    I love weed, but this is just gay.

  • kiki

    This….is just kinda sad. Don’t get me wrong, I love weed and am all for medical marijuana, but when your life revolves around it, it’s pathetic. To me, being a pothead is just like being an alcoholic. Your life revolves around your next high. It becomes a hobby, a replacement for actually doing things. Why do you need a drug/medicine/whatever to accept yourself, make friends and fall in love? Your only excuse for that is if smoking is the only thing that can make you physically able to get out of bed. You should be able to enjoy and appreciate life without being under the influence of anything. If you can’t, then you’re abusing pot and just using it to escape reality. I think that’s more of a disgrace to the plant than anything.

    • > but when your life revolves around it, it’s pathetic.
      I know I let weed revolve around my life. Many many people are like this.
      There are also the people without self-control which is not good for anything. Eating, smoking, drinking, etc.

      > It becomes a hobby, a replacement for actually doing things. Why do you need a drug/medicine/whatever to accept yourself, make friends and fall in love?
      It is a hobby of mine, and when I’m smoking it I’m actually doing things.

      And it’s great social wise, I’ve met and had some great times with my friends because we share a similar interest, smoking cannabis.

      > You should be able to enjoy and appreciate life without being under the influence of anything. If you can’t, then you’re abusing pot and just using it to escape reality. I think that’s more of a disgrace to the plant than anything.

      That is true. I can go weeks without getting stoned and I’m fine. I just love weed so much that I smoke it quite often. My choice, but it’s not harming me or my life in any way.

      • anon

        “I can go weeks without getting stoned and I’m fine”

        The problem is, most potheads aren’t like this

      • julia

        I smoke weed every night.
        I am a student going to a good university.
        I get decent grades.
        I eat well.
        I have the best friends I have ever had in my life

  • Jessica

    wtf is wrong with you people posting?! You obviously have no experience AT ALL with cannabis if you’re posting that ignorant shit. I am recovering from a stomach virus and nothing has completely relieved my nausea like cannabis has. It’s the only thing helping me eat! When I don’t have access to it, I have an unsettled stomach all day long and can’t eat without feeling sick. It relieves my back pain, menstrual pain and any depression or anxiety I have. If I have trouble sleeping, I medicate and I am out like a light. It really is an amazing plant!!!

    |“I can go weeks without getting stoned and I’m fine”
    |The problem is, most potheads aren’t like this

    Oh really, so potheads that you know of are the Hollywood stereotypical type, right? LOL, if only you knew the amount of people you’re around who use cannabis and act normal! You would be stupidly surprised at the amount of people who medicate with this amazing herb who you talk to DAILY. And even if you DID know potheads who were like this, what does it matter to you? How exactly does it effect your life? That’s right, it doesn’t! Telling people not to use the herb is ignorant and shows your lack of understanding and education.

  • Marcus

    It also is being used to cure glioblastoma multiforme (the most aggressive brain cancer)

  • Somebody Nobody

    The only reason that cannabis is illegal is simply because the drug companies cannot control it… They cannot put a patent on it and they cannot stop the localization of it… That is it. Done. If any of the folks that deny the ability of the drug to help others are totally ignorant of the facts that are available anywhere online. This is simply a drug company farce that the elders believe to be true. Cannabis is helping many and is much less worse than alcohol and tobacco, but thoes are both legal. WHY???? because they can be controlled and not produced by local folks for the most part… Open up your mind and see the facts… peace and love……………

  • Anna

    This is a cute poem for people who are overly proud of smoking pot but im sorry some of this is just crap.
    -Pot doesnt help anger issue’s(it surpresses anger..so then you become a passive agressive and never deal with any of your problems)
    -Doesnt help anorexia..this doesnt even make sense…they would gorge on food during munchies..but then later purge..
    -if you need pot or any drug to be create shows you dont have an imagination in the first place.

    ALSO, The fact that i see that alot of people on here that are actually using MEDICAL MARIJUANA tells me that they are sadly not informed or just forgot.
    Medical marijuana is altered for people who are in pain, so NO its NOT the same thing as actual marijuana..and yes actual cannabis is harmful for the human body and brain. It can and has caused pyschosis in alot of people and it also starts to fry the neurological transmitters in our brains. You can smoke marijuana(medical or not) and be proud of it..but dont deny the fact that both are still harmful to a degree. Yes people who are not prescribed it are abusers(such as myself) and should atleast know the truth about what we are doing it wrong, dont try to make an excuse, accept it.

    • funny

      pffff, ur a funny one

    • Jangles

      You realize that anorexia is the disease where people don’t eat at all right? not bulimia where they binge and purge? And you also realize that smoking pot does help people with anorexia have a more positive self image right? Do you also realize that people who smoke pot to be creative are already creative people with out smoking, and that marijuana is just a tool for them, like a pen..

      You should also know that medical marijuana is the exact same shit you can buy on the streets, and that it’s not altered in any way to be different and that you have ZERO clue what you’re talking about…

      Ugh and the fact that you think it fries neurological transmitters and causes psychosis, you are a complete goof, Maybe you should do some research and actually know what you’re talking about before you post anything like this, look up recent studies, heck even studies from 1970….. Seriously you are a huge pile of shit.

  • perry

    That guy had a lot of problems!

  • Copy, Pasted, Shared :)))


  • anon

    Ok using it for recreational purposes is one thing, but some of the things that were listed on here are acts of self medicating. For instance,treating my depression and anxiety, helping me with my anger issues, being there for me when no one else was. If you use it for recreation then whatever, not my thing but you’re an adult, and I wont deny the importance of medical usage, but this graphic has some serious red flags. I’ve self medicated with alcohol my self and I have friends who have self medicated with everything else you can imagine, but it never helped anything. All self medicating does is allow you to forget your problems, or give you a way to avoid getting the real help that you need and deserve.

  • ShadowMyth

    I will agree that making pot your life is not healthy, but using pot as a tool to improve your life can be a wonderful experience. I smoke one to two hits a day, in the evening, and it keeps me very centered as a person. I have glaucoma and the fact that I am completely blind in one eye already, makes me grateful that marijuana can help me keep my vision in the other eye. Glaucoma medicines actually destroy the eyes over extended use, but not cannabis.
    There were times in my life where I was very lonely, and felt like I couldn’t go on, but Mary Jane helped me to get through it all. Stress builds up, and cannabis helps to relieve that stress. Maybe if we all lived in some perfect world where everybody actually cared about one another, and we weren’t forced into corporate servitude the majority of our lives, Mary Jane wouldn’t be needed as much, but that isn’t the case. And yeah, medical marijuana is the same stuff on the streets, same people still growing it and selling it, just legally. The extracted medical derived crap which is not a whole product is what doctors peddle, and has been found not to work as well as the whole herb. That is what pot is, it is an herb, and it has healing capacities.
    The only reason there are extreme opinions to the negative on this matter, is due to decades of brainwashing, and those people out there who abuse it, but anything can be abused. Just because something can be abused, doesn’t mean it should be given a bad rap, because those people who do abuse it, would likely just abuse something else in it’s place. Have a hit and stop yur hatin’. lol.

  • kellibelli

    lovveeee itttt! [[:

  • Hunter

    This person sure had a lot of fucking problems.

  • Tracy

    I’ve got loads of medical problems that I won’t bother listing.
    Just to say my Alcohol and Drugs awareness officer told me she smoked cannabis for 40 years, she’s well established in our community and has managed to raise a beautiful family and have several respectable jobs.
    To those who say it’s bad, it’s the lazy drug, what not.
    Who cares?
    Everyone has a release in one form or the other, for some it’s yoga, a few beers, smoking a spliff, meditation. If it’s making it’s users happy and they’re not wrecking havoc, why should it be frowned upon?

    I am not looking for an argument,I’m just saying people need to stop caring about everything they aren’t doing, and concentrate on the things they do.



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  • mset8

     this person has a lot of problems

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  • pepelapoopie

    I love weed and all, but if this was a poem, it was a bad one.

  • FlameWarStarter

    no offense but, if youre thanking weed for ‘being there when no-one else was’ you probably have some sort of problem. i burn but im not going to turn to a drug when i feel down, thats the slippery slope to abuse. so, yeah.

    • SkoE

      That is not true at all, people eat, drink, smoke and do lots of other things when they want to feel better. People eat food because it is actually “‘being there when no-one else was’ so do people abuse food? Or milkshakes?
      Last time I checked cannabis was a hell of an anti depressant.

      • Fayleah

        Yes, actually, people do abuse food. BED and food addiction is a real thing. People can also abuse the use of video games, internet, television, gambling, shopping, etc. If you have a hard time stopping, are totally dependent on it and it’s causing significant problems in your life, then it’s an addiction. Or, more technically, it’s called “dependence.”

        Anyways, this can happen with weed too. Just because it has mostly good qualities doesn’t mean it can’t be abused by people who have a predisposition for addiction or issues with motivation/mental disorders. If you’re smoking weed 24/7 and neglecting to do the things you want to accomplish in life, like getting a job, going to school, forming relationships, maintaining responsibilities, etc., then you probably should cut down on your weed use, no matter how fucking great it is for you normally.

        It all boils down to how you use the drug, and just because weed can have antidepressant qualities doesn’t mean it can’t be abused.

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  • ssgoku129

    Haters gonna hate my fellow bi-polar stoner

  • Elise Rose

    stop being jerks. And this person does not have lot of problems. They /had/ a lot of problems you have obviously never dealt with. They found something that works for them, so don’t be so closed-minded.

  • trollfacelol

    Anorexia, IBS AND stomach ulcer?

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  • rlob

    Lol it’s funny that people think the author was writing about all of their personal problems.. Ever consider the author was writing from everyone’s standpoint and just used examples of what people say weed helps them with daily? Come on people, don’t be such critics, just enjoy the words lol

  • billy james

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