• Baelphes


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  • May God have mercy on our souls

    Who the hell says “yeeeeee”? Were you going for “yeah”?

    • I do

      I say “yeeeee” and I’m a hot chick.

      • john johnson

        no your not, if you were you wouldnt be saying you were on the internet. you fat lonely smut.

  • blunt king

    Pfff bullshit. ima reputable source. so what kind of stoner only bakes 4 muffns shit i make at lest a hundred.

    • 25 or 6 to 4

      what kinda stoner bakes 6 muffins that magically reduces to 4?

      • Michael

        Magic stoners, that’s who

      • MAGIC STONERS!!! I’m scared.

  • matt lopez

    hahah awwhh yeeeeeeee



  • Iroquois

    There was 6, then 4, then 2! Fucking munchies!

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  • Bud

    Muffins, nummy nummy nummy. Man i’m so baked ..

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  • 158686556481

    If your son can bake for himself you’ve done a good job.