Bong made out of ICE!

I totally want this, or some kind of mold to make one yourself!

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  • KIF

    It looks cool and all, but that would be a pain trying to maintain.

    • dddjjj

      Kif, it would fucking melt.

      its a one off – or, it belongs to a stoney eskimo

  • Phil E. Drifter

    Look, man! I made a bong out of my HEAD!

    Put the pot in this ear and suck it out of this ear, go ahead, take a hit!

  • Legion

    Contraband is no longer an issue!

  • T slang

    I live in Arizona and what is Ice?

    • BB420TV

      you know the stuff you put in drinks lol, FROZEN WATER.

  • Pixie

    Just finished making one of these. Smooooooth!

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